The Hidden Costs of Industries and Our Mission at Harmoniqa

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The beauty and complexity of our energy systems

As the world continues to grapple with climate change and other environmental challenges, a recent report by environmental consultancy Trucost reveals the true cost of the world’s biggest industries. The report finds that if these industries paid for the natural capital they use, none of them would be profitable. This is because they burn through $7.3 trillion worth of free natural capital every year.

While the notion of “externalities” — costs imposed by businesses that are not paid for by those businesses — has become familiar in environmental circles, this report’s implications are revolutionary. It shows that the industrial system we have built is not sustainable, and that what is needed is a new global industrial system that integrates into current energy and material flows and does not spend down stored natural capital.

Sure, how about “The High Cost of Industrial Externalities: A Call for Sustainable Systems”?

This is where Harmoniqa comes in. Our mission is to enable anyone who wishes to contribute positively to society by having access to and participating in the development of high-impact technologies. We believe that technology can play a key role in creating a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

Harmoniqa’s platform provides access to personalized AI assistance, which can help individuals and organizations reduce their environmental footprint and increase their social impact. By providing access to technology, we aim to help individuals and organizations make more sustainable choices in their daily lives.

But we cannot do this alone. We need your help to make sustainable living accessible to everyone. By joining our community, you can help us spread the word and work towards a more sustainable future. Sign up on our website to join the movement and make a positive impact on the world today.


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